259458 Vesta Wood
259458 Vesta Wood

Xpress 8.32

Our Xpress 8.32 range is simple, youthful and fresh. Have fun with your home furnishings with our zesty, on-trend decors for a reasonable price. This collection, which is especially popular with young people and families, is easy to install, low-maintenance, and effortlessly handles all the challen- ges of a hectic modern lifestyle.

1285 x 192 x 8mm

Suitable for class 32/AC4 as per DIN EN 13329

Easy to install

Anti-bacterial coating (Tested germs: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli)

 Stain and imprint resistant

1clic 2go pure

The guarantee is valid for domestic use according to the conditions of guarantee

Bunda Oak, 2 Strip, Nature Line
Juno Wood, Multistrip, Grained Timber
Vesta Wood, Multistrip, Nature Line
Calypso Wood, Multistrip, Grained Timber
Tabit Beech, Blocked, Grained Timber
Miranda Oak, 2 Strip, Rustic Finish
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